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The One And Only
Bootealicious Tea Collection

We are your secret weight-loss weapon

We’re here to make your detoxing experience a lot more fun! Not sure
which BOOTEALICIOUS tea is right for you? Let us help you figure out
which BOOTEALICIOUS option is best for your needs.

Yas Queen tea packaging flatlay


Yas Queen

14 Day Detox Tea

Get your sexy back with every sip of this high-performance 14-DAY DETOX TEA.

Soo Extra tea packaging flatlay


Soo Extra

28 Day Detox Tea

Take the EXTRA step your body needs to boost weight loss with this high-performance 28-DAY DETOX TEA.

Slaaay tea packaging flatlay



7 Day Detox Tea

Fast-track your detox session and watch those extra pounds melt away with our super-effective 7-DAY DETOX TEA.

On Fleek detox tea flatlay


On Fleek

Fat Burner

Boost the burn, see faster results, and feel your fine-self come back to life with every sip of our FAT BURNER TEA.

Work it out tea packaging flatlay


Work. It. Out.

Fitness Tea

Make every sweat, squat and lift count twice as much with our pre and post workout FITNESS TEA.

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