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7 Best Swimming Pools in the World 2020

Need a break from the beach? We never thought we’d say it, but sometimes we do too. If you’re craving a swim in a different type of crystal-clear water, a swimming pool is your next best option. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best swimming pools in the world. There’s something on this list for everybody – artsy babes, sporty babes, relaxed babes, and babes that just wanna party. We only included manmade pools (sorry...

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Achieving Goals: Check-In Time! 6 Pieces of Advice

It’s March! How are those New Year resolutions going, babes? Are you sticking to them? Or have you lost heart? If it’s the latter, first of all, if you even set goals this year, great job. Embracing a mindset of “new year, new you” takes courage, and we can all take steps toward self-improvement. Whether we want to lose weight, exercise more or eat better, setting the intention is the first step. So, gooo giiiirl! We love goal setting at...

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6 Best Arm Toning Workouts Every Fitness Lover Should Know

Hey, girl! Want to get toned and have the on fleek arms you’ve always dreamed of? Lucky for you, we have something to help spice up your next workout; go grab your 3 essential items (a barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbells if you’re wondering) and check out our 6 best arm toning workouts below! P.S. Feel free to use any weight alternatives, like water bottles, books, or even a milk jug. For some exercises, consider getting a (cute) spotter for support...

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6 Pool Floaties to Amp Up Your Next Pool Party

We wish summer would never end, just like our desire to party in the pool. It’s time to invite your girls for a splashy pool-party and glam up your insta profile while you’re at it. Getting impatient to dip your toes in the pool? Just wait, because we have something to spice up your next pool party. It’s no secret that pool floaties are the ultimate companion for chilling with your favorite beverage in the pool. So better yet, do...

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