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4 Tips for a Spa Vacation at Home


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If you’re anything like us, then right about this time of year you’re ready for a vacay. And not just any vacaya relaxing, soothing, chilled-out spa vacation. But maybe you’re too busy to get away, or a luxury spa retreat is just not in the budget. No worries, babe! You can make a spa vacation at home with just a little effort. Depending on the vibe you want, you can go solo for a relaxing experience, or invite some pals and make it a party! Here’s four tips for an awesome spa vacation at home.

1. Healthy Eats

Honestly, one of the best parts of any spa retreat is the food. Everything is always fresh, tasty, and super healthy, of course. With lots of fruit, veggies, and a couple other easy-to-find ingredients, it’s no sweat to recreate these eats. Here’s some suggestions for easy (and healthy) meals to make during your spa vacation at home! Jam out to some music while you cook, and if you’ve decided to make it a party, get your pals to pitch in to make it even easier.


Breakfast is one of our fave meals because there’s so many options. You could go savoury or sweet, or even make it brunch instead, because who doesn’t love brunch?

Yogurt and fruit are a great breakfast combo, and an even better smoothie combo. Our current smoothie obsession is this mango smoothie from The Spruce Eats. It’s only got three ingredients, so it’s definitely not a hassle.

bowl of mangoes on table

If you’re feeling something a little more savoury and brunch-y, try this kale and artichoke frittata! It’s also pretty simple, and the eggs will give you a boost to keep you going throughout the day. A little extra cheese on top won’t hurt either!


It’s totally acceptable to snack while on your spa retreat, but you might want to wait once you see what lunch looks like. Squeeze in as many vegetables as possible and soak up those healthy vibes.

These spring rolls from Tastes Better from Scratch are a veggie-heavy option. What’s cool is that you can add pretty much whatever veggies you are feeling. Some of our faves are carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers. This recipe also suggests adding mango slices for some tropical vibes.

Another solid lunch option is this chickpea, spinach, and sweet potato rice bowl from Green Evi. If you’re a quinoa person, it’s super easy to swap it for rice. And you can add extra veggies like peppers or mushrooms.

rice in a bowl


Dinner is another great meal. Okay, maybe we just love eating no matter what time of day it is. Try one of these giant, super-satisfying salads!

Here’s a chopped salad from The View from Great Island. It’s got tons of veggies, and eggs and chicken add some protein. You can even add a little bacon for an extra treat. The delicious spicy tomato dressing tops the whole thing off.

salad bowl on table

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, try this grilled fajita salad! This is a great option for the vegan babes out there. It’s super easy, and definitely insta-worthy.

2. Sweat it out

This wouldn’t be a spa vacation without a little exercise. Whether you feel like taking it easy or tackling a hardcore workout, turn on some workout jams and get moving. We’ve got a couple suggestions for easy workouts to try, but we definitely support taking it to the next level.

If you want to focus on your core, try this pilates workout. You can also use these exercises during other workouts to kick them up a notch. Try some scissor kicks or plank leg lifts to work that core, babe!

Want to work on your overall strength? Try this strength training routine! You don’t even need any equipment, so it can’t get any easier. Plus, all the exercises are ones you probably knowand lovelike squats and push-ups.

workout together

3. DIY Face Masks

We love a good face mask! They’re refreshing and make your skin feel amazing. Honestly, we feel like spas that don’t have face masks shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves spas. Here’s a couple options for face masks for your spa vacation at home!

This brightening mask has a secret ingredient (okay fine it’s papaya) that exfoliates your skin and leaves it looking fresh and glowing. All you need is three ingredients and a blender, and you’ll be looking fine in no time.

papaya on leaves

For something even easier, try this two-ingredient moisturizing face mask. This one is good for cold weather, which can dry out your skin. It’s also super cleansing and will help tighten those pores.

4. Detox

Of course, it’s important to detox to keep you feeling refreshed and cleansed. Try our Slaaay 7-day detox once during your spa vacation at home to make it even better!



And that’s how easy it is to make your own spa vacation at home! Grab some pals and try these easy tips for a relaxing and fun spa day. If you’re looking for more suggestions for healthy food options, check out our blogpost with our fave smoothie bowls! Keep being fab babe!

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