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BOOTEALICIOUS is for all the queens (like you) out there grinding for the things they want. More often than not, this doesn’t leave much time for boring diets and a strict gym routine. So, here’s the plan—we want you to keep doing you. Live your best life—socialize, network, and grab life by the balls. BOOTEALICIOUS will be your secret weapon along the way. We’re here to keep you healthy, trim and staying sexy while you keep kicking ass.

To help you get the most out of your fabulous life, we’ve created several special blends of high-performance detox teas designed to help control your appetite, reduce bloating and generally feel amazing!

Introducing your new secret
weight-loss weapon

Just two cups per day of our detox tea in the morning and the evening, will help thrust your weight-loss journey into high gear so you can feel more confident than ever in your hot-ass body

So how does it really work?

Here’s the skinny on BOOTEALICIOUS detox tea… We’ve taken the most effective detox ingredients from Mother Nature’s bountiful earth, and created several blends of tea that will boost your metabolism, aid digestion and help curb your food cravings. In short, you’ll feel lighter, brighter and slimmer after just 28 days.

Sounds too good to be true, what
the hell is in this stuff?

We provide only the best for our BOOTEALICIOUS queens. That’s why all of our ingredients are natural and 100% organic.

Which Product Is
Right For Me?

We offer different levels of detoxifying
strength, depending on your needs.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve already answered some of them
on our Help page. See you there!

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